Patch Based Upgrades

Upgrade MountBDS Using a Patch File

To upgrade to the latest version, You can use the Patch file (If available). 
Patch Files are usually incremental. Hence you can replace it with the old files without any issues. Check for the patch file name to match with your current version.
For example, If your current MountBDS version is v1.5 and the patch file name as v1.3_to_v2.0, Then you can use this patch to upgrade to the latest version.
To know your latest version, Follow this URL :

Before uploading the patch, Please read the Release Notes to know about the Changes that are to be made manually.

Make a Full Backup (CI and Public_HTML Directory - We cannot stress enough how important it is to *always* take a full backup before attempting any kind of upgrade. A full backup should be taken of both the files and the database.

Upgrade Steps : 

  1. Download the MBDS_PATCH_VX.X to from your client area :
  2. Login to your cpanel and go to filemanager.
  3. Go to the /home path (Usualy a folder before public_html).
  4. Upload the Downloaded file and extract to a temporary folder name.
  5. Copy the CI and public_html to  /home path (Usualy a folder before public_html).
  6. This will replace the patch files with your script files.
  7. Upgrade is now complete.
  8. For more details about the features, Check the Release Notes.

We're here to help

We offer a professional upgrade service where we will upgrade your Mount BDS installation for you. You can get this service added to your order from the client Portal.

And of course our support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have when performing the upgrade process yourself. Simply open a ticket @ and will get back to you.

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